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IV hydration for morning sickness

You are just feeling little soreness in your breasts, and you are making more frequent to trips to the bathroom, but nothing you can‘t handle. Until one day, you wake up feeling queasy, and the next thing you know you are covering your mouth and running to the bathroom.

While there are many positives to being pregnant, there are also symptoms like morning sickness that can make the experience challenging. Morning sickness is the feeling of nausea that often leads to vomiting, which is not abnormal for pregnant women, especially during the first (3 months) trimester of pregnancy.

When vomiting is severe, dehydration can be detrimental for you and the baby. Severe vomiting during pregnancy is called hyperemesis. Fortunately, infusion therapy can  safely rehydrate you.

Infusion therapy can be given in your home, hospital or come see us at Bounce back IV and Medspa. Your doctor can refer you to one, or you can schedule an appointment yourself after talking to your doctor about infusion therapy as an option. We provide home IV hydration, Westchester, Riverdale and other areas of the Bronx and Manhattan.

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